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Re: RE>Re: Which System? Marketing?

Dear All,

>>Can we not use this forum as a marketing tool?
>>It will be boring hearing glowing testimonials on each system.
>>All colour correctors are just tools for the job.

As I expected a discussion on correction systems would be contentious
but it is impossible to answer either the original question or any other on
the subject without mentioning names or features. That is also why I clearly
stated my position and viewpoint and used Jude Ng's wish list to illustrate
the systems features without producing a boring list.

When we discussed Safe Area Generators for example, plenty of glowing
testimonials were given and it is not uncommon for any of us to mention
manufacturers in a posting. This cannot always be seen as marketing.

As I said there are many reasons why a correction system is used so at 
least Paul and I agree on that but it is as relevant to discuss existing 
systems as it is to produce wish lists for future ones.

I also agree that all correctors are just tools but given that they are the
means by which we realize a Clients wishes, and are consequently 
judged, they are the most important tool in our kit and a discussion of
their abilities must be of interest to us all.

Seamus O'Kane.
VTR Ltd London.