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Ken Robinson Wrote:

>First of all, thanks Eddie for the comments.  I would like to
>throw something else in:  We
>are using S16 and scanning S35 from time to time and obviously
>finding that Burn becomes an
>issue.  My formula for this is to leave the tube overscanned
>(not over the edge of the face
>plate) at normal operating levels at all times when the
>telecine is not in operation, thus
>hopefully reducing the differential.  I have had good
>experience with tube life on all
>models of Ranks.
>Does anyone have any comments to make me think that I am
>(yes, I have registered my software!)
What if we all push Davinci/Pogle to provide us an option to time out the
Telecine machines into a non-operational mode (zoom out) if the machine was
sitting idling for a pre-set time, e.g. 10 minutes? If they can do that,
they will save the whole world. (I think Pogle has that option alreadly,
but I am not quite sure)

Evan Chan
Pacific Ocean Post
Santa Monica, Ca