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On Jun 14,  7:47, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
} Subject: Re: RE>Re: Re: Re: Which System?

> Right.  Would anyone be interested in an award given by the
> subscribers of this group to the best colorist in each continent, as
> voted by his/her peers?

Following up my own post on the subject of awards:

I had the opportunity this year to judge again 'color correction of
film-originated televisions series' for the International Monitor
Awards on tuesday of this week.  Other colorists present to judge
included Bob Festa, Tarcis Verfaillie, Wayne Hampton, Chris Jacobsen,
Lenny Fohrer.

We talked about the Monitor Awards for color correction last year
quite extensively on this group, and I have some new observations.  

1) There was an animated program submitted for judging; it is impossible
to judge the merits of color correction for animation, unless you are
only looking for mistakes.  

2) My highest marks went to the programs with the best lighting and
cinematography.  Of course the color correction contributed,
but was not as much a factor as the former.

3) The entry fee for each submission to a category (there are
categories for commercials, series, etc.) is $150.  I'm not sure if
this allows for a fair distribution of entries...

Telecine involves much more than the final color as recorded to
videotape-- diplomacy, approach, arbitration, troubleshooting, etc.

I tend to think of organized and sanctioned awards as public
relations-oriented; the more 'grass-roots' awards, (like my 'Nerdie
Award' from this group and Options) are more meaningful.


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