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Re: Keycodes & Non-Linear Editing

>>Some of the print we made were
printed from tails-to-heads resulting in decending edge numbers (and Keycode
on dupe-negs). 

If you have material without keycode,or with unreadable keycode, do it the old
fashioned way with a frame (or feet and frame ) count. This is very reliable.
Some Keycode prgrammes allow you to do Keycode reads, and revert to feet and
frames when necessary.

>> does the film-to-tape transfer have to made at 24 fps or will the editor
compensate for the 6 fps when an EDL is made?

Do it in Pal where 1 film frame = 1 video frame (25fps tx) non linear systems
can still work at 24fps (from the 25fps transfer), because they too are
interested in frames not speed. You NTSC people make life so complicated!

When you submit the cutlist to the lab, give them a video copy with
keycode/feet and frames burned in for visual reference

All the Best