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Re: Keycodes & Non-Linear Editing

On Jun 15, 16:07, "Michael D. Most" wrote:
} Subject: Re: Keycodes & Non-Linear Editing

>> If you have material without keycode,or with unreadable keycode, do it
>> the old fashioned way with a frame (or feet and frame ) count. This is
>> very reliable.  Some Keycode prgrammes allow you to do Keycode reads,
>> and revert to feet and frames when necessary.

> This won't do any good once the negative cutter gets the film and makes
> his/her first cut. Key numbers must be tracked properly or someone has
> to manually key the work picture (if there is one) in order to properly
> assemble the negative.

I've run into this quite a bit with transfer of print on which the
KeyKode is impossible to read, due to what appears to be an unfocused
barcode at the edge of the film on some rolls.  In this case I record
'feet & frames' in a window and suggest to the client that they have
the film cutter 'slug' any section of the roll pulled with leader, so
the numbers on the transfer tapes will still have meaning.  A pain,
but it works.  Another possibility is to use a character generator to
key in the KeyKode prefix-- read manually-- and preset the Evertz or
similar to the remaining digits.  This of course was what we did in
the Early Stages of KeyKode (before Cinema Products, Evertz, Aaton,


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