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Dailies on mini TLC

Jude, I can't answer the following because I'm not familiar with the
'mini-TLC', so am forwarding it on to the group.  

Anyone who is replying personally should please mail to
jdng at compass.com.ph.

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Hi Rob,

I got a small dilemna which i hope you can clarify, or you could refer
to someone who'd know how to answer the question.  We're getting the
new DaVinci panel with a mini-TLC to complement our DUI and the Ursa
Gold.  Our old Ursa would in turn get the DaVinci lite with a

Pop quiz: would a mini-TLC suffice for doing video dailies?  What's
the difference between the TLC and the mini?  Are there problems
associated with the new panel?  what about the old panel being
interfaced with the DUI? Anyone out there with experience on the
DaVinci lite?  Too many questions?


Jude Ng
Videopost Manila

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