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Re: RE>Re: RE>Re: Re: Re: Which System?

On Jun 17, 16:25, Paul Grace wrote:
} Subject: RE>Re: RE>Re: Re: Re: Which System?

> Let's start rolling the suggestions in for the perfect grading system of =
> all time!!!

Re: re: that's got to be a record for number of "re:"'s in a Subject.

OK, let's start outlining our 'ideal' color correction system.  So
that the volume of messages doesn't become too tedious, let's follow
these guidelines:

1) Paul Grace 'paulg at rushes.co.uk' will collect the data and summarize
to this group at an appropriate time.

2) send your suggestions to Paul, or, if you feel they are appropriate
for group discussion, send them to this mailinglist.  But remember
that your audience is about 600 people, and perhaps your desire for a
small improvement to your system is not of interest to many-- send
that type of suggestion directly to Paul, who will include it (if
worthy) in his compendium.

3) assuming this is of value, it will be linked into the webpage and
perhaps we'll hold an annual update.

4) discussion is not restricted to colorists.


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