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FDL 60 edge problem

We have a problem with our BTS FDL 60 that we can not find the cause, it is like
an edge that really shows up on transitions: on negative film, for example on a
scene of people playing volleyball on a beach you see almost like a white glow
on the right side of the people and on the post holding the net !  We have
adjusted the CCD preamps and the pre-streaking and afterglow (imp. pot.) without
any luck.  Bob Davis of BTS suggested to clean the optics but it did not help.
The problem is too subtle to be seen with a scope (the one we own anyway !) and
looks almost like a luminance to chrominance delay of about 0.4 us ( about 1/8
inch on a 19 " monitor) but is also visible when the picture is B/W and is
present on every colour independently,  which let me suspect that it may be
appearing in the Y channel after the RGB to YC matrix before or after the frame
store, it is very subtle on a b/w picture so it is very hard to tell if it is
present or not on the b/w stairstep test generated by the machine.  If anybody
ever experienced a similar problem with a FDL 60 and found the cause for it or
if you have any suggestions that might help us, it would be greatly appreciated
because that machine is getting closer everyday to the museum !  Thanks, Pierre
Perrier Supersuite Post, Montreal, Canada.
Date: 17 Jun 96 15:31:44 EDT
From: "Robert A. Davis" <102370.1067 at CompuServe.COM>
To: "INTERNET:telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com" <telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com>
Subject: FDL 60 edge problem

Pierre: Call me at 801-978-1752. I will be in the office all this week.
Bob Davis