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Re: FDL 60 edge problem

Supersuite post wrote:
> We have a problem with our BTS FDL 60 that we can not find the cause, it is like
> an edge that really shows up on transitions: on negative film, for example on a
> scene of people playing volleyball on a beach you see almost like a white glow
> on the right side of the people and on the post holding the net !  
I have seen this on FDL60's.... It was always due to the grain reducer 
settings being set too high....  That is, if you have a grain 
reducer...  I also had a problem with a grain reducer once that make 
all luminance signals slightly smeared.... if you have good fine 
definations, forget that...  If you don't have a grain reducer, verify 
that as you turn detail up and down and see if it follows this.  There 
is a lum/chromance delay settings, but due to the amount of board 
variations I would definately default to Bob Davis on adjusting that.
(we used an ultimatte to assist in the settings of the delay).
Good luck Jan Janowski