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Re: Hits in CRT

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We have had some funnies caused by HV arcing related to using Tube Enhancement
CRT's with the Digital Deflection package.  What happens is the Anode cap is
too close to the metal parts of the CRT Carriage and flashes over only once in
a great while.  This causes a flash in the video andmay or may not be similar
to what is going on with you.  Try potting under the rubber anode cap where it
adheres to the CRT with ordinary silicon rubber.  If your problem is arcing it
should get rid of it.  Let the rubber cure for at least 20 minutes before
turning on the EHT. 
Dave Corbitt

HOWARD H LUKK wrote--->

I have a problem that has been driving us nuts here for a while. Of 
course its an intermittent problem so it has been very elusive to 
catch. We are getting 10 to 20 line "hits" in our CRT in our HD Rank. 
-----stuff deleted-----