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Re: D1 control track problems

Chris Bacon wrote:

>Finally, the tape tension appears to be a major difficulty in the DVR 2xxx
>series machines.  By design, the tension is very low, so far down that the
>tape sometimes doesn't make good contact with the control track head, which
>is built into the scanner at the bottom of the tape guide.  My theory is that
>the problem could be that as the head wears (or as the glue that holds it to
>the scanner shrinks), the head-to-tape contact gets too low to work reliably.
> This is why these machines seem okay when you take them out of the box, but
>after several months' to a years' worth of use, they start conking out.

I hope this doesn't sound too obvious, but I have found in the past that
that control track head is very susceptible to oxide build-up, and further,
the use of the traditional tex-wipe will often NOT remove a crust of built
up residue. It usually needs to be gently 'scraped'. Usually, the dead
giveaway when this problem exists, is a slight dip in the RF where the
control track head would be.
BTW, I've seen this on BTS D1's as well....

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