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Re: URSA Power Supply Nois

        Reply to:   RE>> URSA Power Supply Noise

Thanks Richard,
We added small inductors inside the Cell Box on the +-12v power busses on the
McMurdo connector.  The 0.1m caps were left on after the inductors.  This got
rid of a lot of the noise.  If anyone tries this bear in mind that the RGB PEC
supply lines have very flimsy inductors in line inside rubber sleeving going
to the Big Capacitors.  Any force put on these at all will snap them off. 
This happened to us as we were adding inductors to the +-12v lines so we
replaced all 3 PEC supply inductors at the same time with more mechanically
rugged inductors.
Next, we will try isolating the ground line to the EHT supply to get rid of
that layer of LF noise.
Dave Corbitt

Richard_Terpilowski at 525post.co wrote on18 Jun 1996 
Subject: RE> URSA Power Supply Noise

There are a couple fixes for known patterning on Ursas.
1.  The EHT box.  ...deletia--->