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Re: D1 control track problem

21/6/96      2:52 pm    Re>D1 control track problems
Martin Parsons                   >>>                 The Mill   40/41 Great...


I've lived through this problem of control track dropout as well - but came to
a completely different conclusion.
Control track dropout seemed to be happening on the Sony 2000 series DVTRs in
only one of the two MCRs at The Mill. 
The problem reduced slightly but did not disappear with the machines extended
fully out on their rack mounts.
At the back of the racks of that MCR is the incoming mains electricity supply
to The Mill. By screening this off with mu-metal shielding the control track
dropout problem has been reduced by over 95%.
It might not be the answer but we considered that a result !!

Martin Parsons
Senior Engineer
The Mill