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Re: CRT Hits

We still seem to have the hits. We thought we had cured them but I 
got word last night that they are back. Hans suggestion to start 
looking at the video path was a good one. We had exhausted the scan 
side. We left the EHT on with the High voltage module pulled out. The 
tube was dark and we turned up the lifts and watched the video. Sure 
enough the hits were there. With some more isolation they appeared to 
be coming from the Cell box. We started looking at the Mc murdo 
connecter and the power supply caps. We tried to substitute the caps 
to see if they were the cause and put in a "like size" cap. This sent 
the power supply in to a oscillation which appeared on the tube face. 
We put the original caps back ( knowing now the value is critical). 
We replaced the Mc murdo connecter and re soldered the connections 
and put everything back and waited. At the same time of all of this 
our Digiscan power supply died. We repaired that and have got back to 
looking at the problem. We will keep looking and appreciate every 
ones help.

 Are these hits from the reel hold downs when the reels are moving or 
stationary? Our hits are there when the reels are stationary.