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Re>D1 control track problems

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     Something Martin Parsons wrote reminded me of a problem I had with a
     DCT. I was using a DCT as a playback source for a tape-tape session.
     Because of a two line delay through the room, I gave the DCT a two
     line advance, from a Grass 9500 gen.. I placed this generator on top
     the machine. During playback nobody realized that the character
     display reported "play 1:00,1:01,1:00,1:03, etc..). This was a bitch
     because it was a 90 min. program, that the audio was to be laid back
     to. You can imagine the fun we had. The whole problem was the
     generator was radiating which caused the control track to be unstable,
     so look for any equipment on top, or near the DVR-200. Dave Best Post
     Perfect NY.