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Re: KeyKode numbers rollover

WillAbbott at aol.com wrote:
> The "converter" should have noticed the film's prefix number increment up by
> 1 when the
> frame count went from 9999 to 0000 and allow the changeover to occur.  Sounds
> like a
> software problem.
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In the course of transferring about one hundred and twenty thousand
feet if Fuji 35mm negative for a low budget feature, the KK numbers
rolled over a total of 10 times. I have never seen it roll over while
transferring Kodak negative. I suspect that Fuji is adhering to the
letter of the KK standard and is not aware of the spirit that the
prefix is not meant to be a calculable number. Theoretically it should
not be a problem as long as the negative cutter is aware of this

Martin Zeichner