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Re: Entry to Guestbook

On Jun 22, 22:44, Joseph T McDonnell III wrote:

> Great Web Page!!! I would like to recieve any information on Kodaks
> new Vision filmstocks. Especially the 16mm versions. Any tips on
> exposure and filtering would be appreciated. Good luck to all and God
> Bless.  Joseph T McDonnell III <jtm3 at earthlink.net> New Orleans, La
> USA - Saturday, June 22, 1996 at 22:44:53 (PDT)

}-- End of excerpt from Joseph T McDonnell III

Joseph, I'll forward your comments to the telecine mailinglist, there
are many Kodak people (and others) subscribed who can help you.  If
you'd like to subscribe to the list, instructions are on the telecine


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