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dV user group meeting

Joe, what an illustrious guest panel you have assembled for this
meeting, all of whom are subscribed to this group!

--- Forwarded mail from Joe Moore <joem at davsys.com>

da Vinci User Group Meeting
For those attending from outside the New York City area.
Deadline for da Vinci hotel discount rate is June 28th.
To make your reservations, call:
Warwick Hotel

Meeting dates:
Friday, July 19th, Welcome Reception
Saturday, July 20th, User Group Meeting
Sunday, July 21st, Panel Discussion
Topic: The Future of Color Correction
in the Resolution Independent World
Guest Panel:
Jeff Lee, SMA
Domenic Rom, DuArt Film Labs
John Dowdell, The Tape House
Dave Corbitt, Manhattan Transfer
Craig Heyl, Crawford Communications

RSVP by July 5th to Rose Tedesco
Phone: 954.484.8100, ext. 205
Fax: 954.486.7936

--- End of forwarded message from Joe Moore <joem at davsys.com>