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Hard Mattes in Telecine Xfer

>--- Forwarded mail from "Randy Blim" <rblim at laserpacific.com>
>Is there a "standard" in telecine tranfsers of letter-boxed material for the
>precise placement of the hard matte?  Is there an accepted placement in terms
>of video lines for the start and stop of actual picture information for such
>formats at 1.66, 1.78, 1.85, 2.35 etc.?

Let's back this discussion up one step. Is there a standard by which all
safe action, and reticle generators manufacturers adhere to? I can say that
no two 1:85 generator indexes appear to be the same value. I currently use
four of the Pandora generators. I believe that they are all consistent
internally, but Pandoras 1:85 index seems to differ from other reticle
manufacturers as well as other external indicators like color correctors. (I
trust the Pandora!).

>Looking at transfers from various telecine houses it appears that 1.85 hard
>mattes can be placed in a variety of places, thus centering the image up or
>down a few lines.   With the advent of current waveform monitors, it would
>seem easy to conform to a standard.  Is there one?

Randy, In the commercial and rock and roll telecine world there really is no
standard 1:85 value that is adhered to. Like any artform, the placing and
sizing of the matte is a creative decision that has no technical boundries.
In my feature experiences, I've always fudged the ratio a bit to compensate
for errant frame lines, or other film issues like location camera matte boxes.

I'm not sure I'm ready to conform. ;^)

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