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Re:Answer to film puzzler

On Jun 26,  0:58, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re:Answer to film puzzler

> Uh, sorry, Kevin, but I _was_ assuming that the film was fogged through the
> edge.  Imagine a roll of film, viewed from the edge. Draw a line from the
> edge of the film through the center of the core back to the other edge of the
> film.  Let us assume that this simulates the line of Xray exposure. 

I'm a little foggy on this myself Jeff, but must the X-Ray exposure
always be in the form of a line?  How does the axis of radiation
determine the area of exposure for X-Rays?  

I tried to find more information on WWW but received 20000 matches for
'X-Ray' in an Alta Vista search.


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