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State of the list

This mailinglist's subscriber list reached 500 this month and is
currently at 520.  With additional propagation via printouts and
forwarded email, I'll guess its circulation at over 600.  The Telecine
Internet Group (if you subscribe, you belong) and World Wide Web
page(s) are now two years old.

It's been fairly quiet for a group of so many potentially opinionated
people; I was kind of surprised when two of my own recent posts failed
to bring any feedback (regarding the inanity of awards for color
correction, and regarding a survey of 'the ideal color correction
system' to be mediated by Paul Grace).  Maybe everyone's busy working,
not a bad thing... but it's funny how one week there will be banter
and general chitchat, and the next week a dry (withering?) exchange
about radiation hazards.

Thanks to everyone who gives of their expertise to the group; a few
frequent and articulate contributors regularly elevate the level of
discussion-- one of you may even get the next Nerdie award, though I
don't know if Bill Topazio will be able to find any more joysticks.

Many thanks also to those who have contributed $ to the group's
maintenance.  It costs me $375/month for the server's fulltime
internet connection; the suggested contributions are $25/year for
an individual, and for manufacturers, whatever they feel appropriate.
Contributors are honored on the webpage at
'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/donors.html'.  Incidentally, a
contribution also gives you the right to place an ad in the Classified
section of the webpage; the employment page has been particularly

I'm exploring other avenues of opportunity for the webpage and welcome


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