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Re: Super16 sizing...

> What is the best way to size Super16 film?
> Is there a Super16 sizing chart available and if so where can it be
> purchased?

You should contact Dave Kenig, (Chief engineer at Panavision Hollywood, 
213/464-3800), he is the 'moderator' of our Super16 camera aperture 
standardization group -Aaton, Arri & Panavision-, and he is 
active too in the Smpte adhoc committee working on sorting out the 
terms and dimensions about Super16 aperture, telecine scan, telecine 
safe area and the rest of it.
Paul Chapman (Director of Engineering, Unitel Video,
Hollywood, 213/878-5800) is in charge of this Smpte committee.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala

2 rue de la Paix BP3002, 38001 Grenoble, France,
tel +33 7642 6409, fax +33 7651 3491,