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Re: 0db or -8db

At 06:05 PM 6/27/96 -0400, WillAbbott at aol.com wrote:
>When a nagra comes in and the head tone is recorded in the field at
>-8db, what is the correct setting for playback in telecine.
>I find -8db to be to low.

I have found the same thing (as recently as tonight). At one time in the
past I believed that the -8 dB was a reference to the "0VU" point relative
to the tape saturation point. When Nagra recording was an art and tape
formulations were black magic, I was told that every professional audio
engineer tested the saturation and noise floor of a given tape stock and
adjusted the Nagra to record at an operating point set relative to the 3%
distortion point depending on the type of program to be recorded and where
the noise floor was. Turns out that setting the 0VU point to be 8 to 10 dB
below that maximum level is a good compromise.

But then again that could be just folklore. Tonight, the head tones were way
too low to be brought up to 0VU and the voices recorded on the tape were way
too far below the head tone to be acceptable at -8VU. 
David Tosh Complete Post, Hollywood CA
(dlt at earthlink.net) http://www.earthlink.net/~dlt