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Re: 0db or -8db

>When a nagra comes in and the head tone is recorded in the field at
>-8db, what is the correct setting for playback in telecine.
>I find -8db to be to low.
When recording to a beta SP deck in the field, I always start by setting
the -8db nagra reference tone I'm sent from the mixer to 0 vu on the beta
deck.  Then I watch the meters for the first few takes to see how "hot" the
mixer runs the output.  If the feed stays below +3 vu peaks, that's where
it stays.  This has worked well for me for a long time, and keeps levels
where I think they should be overall (voices ranging from around -15 to +3
vu, centered from around -10 to 0 vu).

If I'm recording to DigiBeta, I set the nagra -8db reference to -18 on the

When judging peaks, keep in mind that analog meters vary in their
ballistics and thus their response to peaks, although all beta SP decks
seem to be the same etc.  Fluorescent or led style meters react much more
quickly and thus seem to peak sooner.

A GOOD pair of headphones is always helpful to see if peaks are distorting
or just loud.