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Re: 0db or -8db

>But then again that could be just folklore. Tonight, the head tones were way
>too low to be brought up to 0VU and the voices recorded on the tape were way
>too far below the head tone to be acceptable at -8VU. 

Folklore is exactly right!

Audio guys are notorious for not understanding what tone (or Tc, for that
matter ) is for....The metering in a Nagra is Peak Program. this means that
-8Db PPM is equivalent to 0Db Vu for a steady state tone. Unfortunatly, your
guy probably thought -8 was his "top end", and did'nt allow much excursion
past that point.
In actuality, Peak readings often go above 0Db, with no ill effects. This is
a common mode failure I've experienced due to incomplete understanding of
the metering differences.

If you set up a -8Db PPM reference tone to 0DbVu, you are reproducing the
levels they recorded correctly. Of course, for Dat or other digital
equipment, ref. tone should be set to -15Db( to allow for headroom).

Good Luck

Dave Koslow

Dave Koslow

"Concept without Percept is empty, Percept without Concept is false"
							-Immanuel Kant
							  (Who can?)