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Audio & Such

You can learn a lot here, I have.

As to audio in Telecine, I have worked to establish a dialog with our area 
recordists. So far I have not met a one who would not share his concerns 
for what we in the transfer end are doing. I have only met a few who would 
not listen to what we need from them in the field. Some of what I have 
passed on are:
	1) Sell the producer/director on the need for TC slates. Yes it may cost 
more up front, but what it saves in transfer is noticeable. Clap-slate = 2 
or 3 previews + 1 record per take. TC slate = 2 or 3 previews per reel 
(offset determination).  1 record per take for the rest of the reel. Is the 
time saving obvious? We don't have a hard drive audio system dedicated to 
Telecine transfer sessions. It would be nice though.
	2) Most use Nagra TC machines. One stubbornly sticks to NeoPilot while one 
still runs FM pilot. FM Pilot = DUB TIME + Clapslate sync time. At least 
with NeoPilot we can stripe the tape, usually once. Then you add the 
ClapSlate sync time.
	3) Some experiment with DAT. On short transfer sessions, we can get by. 
Since Fostex DATS (we use the D-20B and D-30) Don't like to pull down under 
editor control unless you tell the editing controller to allow +- 1 frame 
tolerance. So we still encourage Nagra TC. We'll do DAT if thats what 
you've got.
	4) LEVELS! Most of the guys (one gal out of Austin) are pretty consistent 
with levels. Its kinda nice having only a dozen or so working field 
recordist in the area. They tend to do the -8 on one channel and -11 on the 
other. For me that equates to 0vu(+4dbm) -3vu(+1dbm) on steady tone. For 
the digitally minded we have settled on -20 digital = 0vu(+4dbm) house 
standard. All with 1khz. Why? We couldn't change the Ampex D2 machines. 
Hince -20 digital. On most things this is not a problem. If it is, we deal 
with it as best we can.

I hope I have passed on some useful information from the Dallas area. 
Particularly, Southwest Teleproductions. VP&T, Filmworkers and Blue Cactus 
will have to post their own insights. hmmmm think I might be starting 
something here?

.........rustle, rustle "where's that damn flame suit..."

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