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Super 35mm

Sorry about the e-mail address I am using, IBM have let me down badly again, I can 
receive mail, but not send (anyone any ideas why?).

I have been using both the Rank and Video Engineering skid plates with great success.  I 
did not bother to specialy code the gate, but simply set up my base mems on daVinci.  
The real difference between the Rank version and the VE version is that the VE version 
has a drop in plate for Academy print so that the image is not affected by flair from 
the sound track.

The only other thing I have found is when you are using Silkscan, you must use the S35 
base mem, set up Silkscan and then zoom back to the correct size.

The major use of the wide aperture plate of course is not necessarily to transfer super 
35 but to allow the client more room for manoever when repo-ing pictures.

Ken Robinson
Buenos Aires, Argentina