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Re: "Film Look" type effect?

Mike Reichel has asked the question to which everyone would like an answer: what
is the film look.

For me it is more than simply temporal. The most obvious points I would make

. the texture of the image, which comes in part at least from the film grain,
and from the sensation of it being a continuous image, not created from lines
like a video picture

. the range of contrast: even when it is reduced by the telecine, there is the
distinct feeling that highlights and lowlights contain details, not just clipped
whites and blacks

. the control over depth of field through sensible choice of film stocks and
ratings: I hate the video look - particularly now that CCD cameras are universal
- of sharp focus from the end of your nose to the far side of the ocean.

But, as I often say, what do I know. I am writing a feature on film for the IBC
Daily News, and a collection of wise thoughts on why film makes good television
would certainly be greatly valued. Anyone else want to pitch in on the film

Dick Hobbs