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I've spoken with people mastering for DVD, and they state that there are no
secondary compression artifacts when the source material comes from D-Beta
or DCT.

I've also seen the picture from several DVD disks, and I believe the
statement that that "the picture quality of DVD approaches that of D-1" is
true.  That is, if the approach is from several miles away.  5 Mbit/sec
MPEG-2 has certain undeniable and unmistakeable artifacts, particulary in
flat fields, sharp edges, and certain motion sequences.  While the overall
picture quality is definitely better that that possible from a VHS tape,
there is no way it looks exactly like uncompressed 601.  Period.


At 05:04 AM 7/2/96 PDT, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
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>I have not seen DVD and could not comment on its look.  I have heard that
>transfers for DVD must be made to D1.  The reason given is that formats using
>compression techniques (Digital Beta, DCT) cause DVD to exhibit artifacts due
>to the incompatible re-compression of information.  Can anyone confirm this?
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