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Cinemascope vs. Todd AO

I watched some musicals last weekend on American Movie Classics (AMC), 
and I was curious about one of the movies.  They ran "Oklahoma" in 
letterbox and from the Todd AO 70mm version.  According to AMC, two 
versions of each scene were made, one in 35mm Cinemascope and a second 
take in 70mm Todd AO.  The two versions were edited different and the 
sound mixed different, the Todd AO version to be released in premier 
theatres. This was very interesting, but they had a demo showing a 
split screen of the two versions during a musical number allowing sync 
of the two, a small letterbox version of each in the screen.  What we 
saw was an extreme color difference between the two versions leading 
use to believe the difference between the two processes was color and 
not resolution.  I looked for resolution differences, but that would 
have been hard to identify here.  Am I missing something here, or was 
the demo incorrectly put together.  Was resolution the primary 
difference between the two processes?  Also, who is transferring 70mm 
these days?  I am impressed somebody would go through that much expense 
and labor to do that.  Gary Adams