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Re: "Film Look" type effect?

Dick Hobbs:
>. . .For me it is more than simply temporal. The most obvious points I would
>. the texture of the image, which comes in part at least from the film grain,
>and from the sensation of it being a continuous image, not created from lines
>like a video picture

I agree with most of Dick Hobbs' criteria and think that part of why the
film grain contributes to the film look is possibly the result of
dithering. Scan lines are a sampling process that creates samples in both
time and space. On a static image, I think that the film grain may
contribute enough modulation of the information to actually add more
information available to the brain. I'm not willing to quantify the effect
at this time but I think there is something positive about the presence of
film grain that is not just due to the familiarity of seeing it.

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