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Re: Cinemascope vs. Todd AO

In regards to "Oklahoma" they made two takes of every scene. Once for 70mm and
the second for 35mm. The dialogue during the scenes is the same but since they
were different takes they'd be impossible to sync up. The 70mm version was shot
at 30 FPS and the 35mm version at 24 FPS. The 35mm version was 4 track stereo
and the 70mm version was 6 track stereo. The 35mm version was shot in
Cinemascope which is anamorphically squeezed. The 70mm version was using the
normal width of the 70mm frame without any
squeeze. The only noticable resolution difference on the transfer should be
between the 70mm and the 35mm material. As far as I know Crest Video in
Hollywood is the only place doing 70mm transfers, but I certainly hope more will
pop up in the future as it's a great format.

Best Regards,

Blake Jones