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Re: Cinemascope vs. Todd AO

        Reply to:   RE>Cinemascope vs. Todd AO

Todd-AO was a 70mm format invented by Mike Todd (one of Elizabeth Taylor's
earlier husbands) and shot at 30 fps for Oklahoma.  The color differences you
saw could have been the difference between 2 different transfers of two
different pieces of film.  The 35mm version of Oklahoma was shot at 24 fps
with an anamorphic lens.  The two versions were shot consecutively, not
simultaneously, and I understand the better takes were on the Todd-AO 30 fps
version.  Also the camera angles were different for the 70mm version than the
35mm version to take advantage of the larger image size.  The only facility
with a 70mm modified telecine in the USA and maybe the world is in Hollywood
at Crest.  For more info take a look at the laserdisc jacket for the 70mm
Dave Corbitt