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>The whole issue of compression makes use of 
>removal of redundancy without sacrificing
>motion and picture content changes which is
>coincidentally the same technique currently
>used for video noise reduction.
<SOAPBOX sarcasm=7>
Yes, BUT, when compressing down to a bit rate of 3.5 Mbps/sec or even
10Mbps/sec, that's way more than redundancy you're removing.  Let's not lose
sight of this important distinction, and for all of the years that we in
'high end' video have been tweaking the last bit (excuse the pun) of quality
out of our images, let's call a spade a spade.
C'mon guys.....take a good look at a D-1 image, and if you can't see the
difference, go back to your non-linear editing system and amuse yourself.

By the way, this doesn't mean I'm not impressed with the potential quality
that DVD can offer as a CONSUMER format....it looks pretty good with images
that compress well.  

Phil Mendelson      philm at hollydig.com
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