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Re: Cinemascope vs. Todd AO

     The primary difference between Cinemascope and Todd-AO is of 
     course, the film size, 70mm for Todd-AO and 35mm for Cinemascope. 
     The Todd-AO system using spherical optics; Cinemascope using 
     anamorphic optics.  Right away this puts a strain on the 
     horizontal grain resolution of 35mm film using Cinemascope.
     The goal of Todd-AO was to give the audience what was described 
     at the time "participation", today we you use the word, 
     "immersion", as 70mm would provide a brighter/sharper output, you 
     could then have a larger screen to envelope the audience.
     There were differences in the sound system as well, but I will 
     not go into these.
     As to a meaningful comparison of technical quality, the AMC 
     presentation you watched is without meaning in my opinion.  I do 
     not think you would not have detected any significant resolution 
     increase, and indeed as you pointed out, you would focus more on 
     the color difference due to varying negative fade between the 
     two, and of course, variations in aesthetic interpretation and/or 
     technical capabilities of the two telecine transfers, depending 
     on various factors, obvious to all of you folks here.
     I would gather they were merely pointing out the extravagance of 
     two actual formats being shot for one film and the novelty of 
     being able to show AMC viewers.
     Bottom line:  I don't think you missed anything.  If you ever 
     have the opportunity to see the formats the way they were 
     originally intended in a properly equipped theatre, now then you 
     would most certainly see a noticeable difference.
     Nathan Simmons

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Subject: Cinemascope vs. Todd AO
Author:  telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com at sonycom
Date:    7/2/96 1:41 PM

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     I watched some musicals last weekend on American Movie Classics 
     ...  They ran "Oklahoma" in letterbox and from the Todd AO 70mm 
     Am I missing something here,