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Re: "Film Look" type effect?

My experience indicates that 90% of the perception is temporal. Most people
are looking for temporal effects when trying to discriminate between film
and video. Grain or noise is the other key factor when matching video
originated to film originated material of the same event. 3/2 artifacting
is fairly subtle on most material and the the most problematical to
produce. To do it correctly you have to take the 60 fps stream and
temporally resample to 24 Fps then repeat fields of the appropriate frames.
Motion compensated vectors are the best way of temporaliy resampling in
real time. All of the processes I have seen that purport to do this emply
some type of hack which produces artifacts in the processed pictures. Most
people are fooled by video filtered to 30Fps. This can be done on most

>Re filmlook
>During my days at DV, filmlook  was an often recurring issue from our clients.
>If we for the moment assume that film-look IS linked to the temporal resolution
>solely (half of video) then a field correlator would do the trick for you Rich.
>But, it should be a smart correlator that only makes the fields into frames
>where it is required - i.e motion. If not you will also loose half of your
>vertical resolution in uneccessary areas which also happen to be where the eye
>notices it most. If any, DV should be able to accomodate you as such a
>design is
>no big deal for them from a technological point of view. Second best (whichever
>way you prefer) would be the gentlemen at Snell&Wilcox, they too would be quite
>capable of supplying such a device.
>Anyone interested discussing what factors actually make up film look, is it
>temporal only, spatial or colorimetric or???
>Mike Reichel

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