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Re: DVD Revisited

Indeed, there are many changes between D-1 image
quality and the DVD compressed image, as 
PhilM points out.

However, it is the digital bit stream that is being
"authored" or edited, not the analog path. 
You get enough motion in this kind of scheme and
you"ll see artifacts.

In the system I described (JVC at NAB), It was explained
to me that the compression was determined on a
frame by frame basis. Not a fixed 3.3 like MPEG-2.

I've been told that some earlier attempts
were actually authored or edited by Individuals,
much like scene by scene color correction.
Also I suspect the resulting signal will not be
frame by frame editable (like before MPEG-2P).

Non-linear edit systems must retain each frame
for decision making and suffer more from
compression techniques.

But, what the hey, the goal is two hours on
one disc and the Consumer based predicessor
was VHS & Betamax. Like 10 pounds of s___
being crammed into a 1 pound bag!