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Re: "Film Look" type effect?

On Wed, 03 Jul 1996 21:30:16 -0700, Hans Lehmann wrote:

>Matthew Tucker wrote:
>> > Your brain is
>> >running at 60Hz

>Yup.  Medical fact.  Just touch your finger to the end of an oscilloscope probe.  There it is... 60Hz.
>Hans "It must be close to a holiday" Lehmann

Well, I've checked and all Argentinians are running at 50Hz, but the
Chileans are at 60Hz......  This makes driving impossible on crossing
the border.

Happy 4th of July everyone.....  Don't forget we loose Hong Kong as
well next year; AND there's not too much agreement on the Malvinas

Time to leave the sinking boat!

>Expat Ex-British????<

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