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I thought I'd add a different perspective to the DVD debate. At Sunset 
Post we have someone who is creating MPEG for DVD, Maurice Shannon. I've 
shown him the comments that have appeared here and asked him if he 
wanted to respond. Here is his response.


I've been doing the MPEG thing since its inception some years ago.
In fact, I was the first compressionist (on an operational basis) in
the U.S., or the world for that matter.  We (the pros) must be very 
careful when compare 4.69Mbps DVD streams to fullband width CCIR-601.
I mean come on, us who view pristine IP's over $20,000 SONY monitors
on a daily basis for years have no problem discerning the difference
between the two.  DVD first and foremost is a consumer format, which
means exactly that; it's targeted toward the consumer.

Now let's take Joe Sixpack whose been accustomed to viewing his local
cable providers "not-bad" signal on a daily basis for years will take 
a look at DVD, and be floored.  I've even had DP's come into my suite
and view their films, and say "not bad, but what will it look like 
compressed".  Of course I'm always happy to reply "You're watching it
compressed".  So you see, it's all very subjective.  I mean you can
take Panasonic MII format, and team it up with a good TBC, and it will
actually rival 3/4".

The bottom line is that DVD will be the cleanest, purest picture the 
"consumer" has ever seen.  For those of you that are skeptical, give
me a call as I am currently arranging an "Open-House" day. I'd be more
than happy to change your mind.

Maurice Shannon,         
Director of Compression 
Sunset Post, Inc.        
maurice at sunsetpost.com