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Wide-Gate Xfers

Some guy [margot at bruce!arnie.rain-maker.com at uunet.uu.net] asked me in E-Mail:

"I was just curious how you masked the super gate with cardboard to eliminate
the flare. Where did you attach it and how?"

I usually just put a piece of thick tape or cardboard in the optical housing
on the Rank immediately above the gate, on the back side (masking the left edge
of the print, where the optical soundtrack area is).  I do this very, very
carefully, and check it with a bright scene to make sure that it's not
affecting the shading of the active picture area.

In extreme cases, you can experiment with actually creating a flare shield on
the tube itself, but it takes some experimentation and trial & error to get it
just right.

BTW: I tried to send the message to the above address, and it bounced back
quicker than a Superball.  (Next time, sign your messages!)

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood, U.S.A.