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Wide-Gate Xfers

At 06:33 AM 7/6/96 EDT, Marc Weilage wrote:
>Some guy [margot at bruce!arnie.rain-maker.com at uunet.uu.net] asked me in E-Mail:
>"I was just curious how you masked the super gate with cardboard to eliminate
>the flare. Where did you attach it and how?"
>I usually just put a piece of thick tape or cardboard in the optical housing
>on the Rank immediately above the gate, on the back side (masking the left edge
>of the print, where the optical soundtrack area is).  I do this very, very
>carefully, and check it with a bright scene to make sure that it's not
>affecting the shading of the active picture area.
>In extreme cases, you can experiment with actually creating a flare shield on
>the tube itself, but it takes some experimentation and trial & error to get it
>just right.


You know before there were SGI Indys, and training classes...there was this
wonderful school of hard knocks. I hate to date myself, but there once was a
simpler time in Telecine where men and women made do with rubber bands and
paper clips in TC sessions. I hate to get wistfull again, but this thread
kind of reminds me of an earlier time when my clients had no idea what I was
doing at the helm. In fact I really had no idea what I was doing, it was
pure improvisation! Cutting ones own wide aperture skid plate was quite
novel just a few years ago. Using rubber bands to back off the contact
pressure on edge guides and using unorthodox threading patterns to steady
film passing through the gate is also a lost art in the automated world. I
wonder how many other twisted techniques I've already forgotten over the
years. Perhaps, like other vanishing tribes, we should pass on the heritage
of our fathers techniques to all the wet behind the ears colorists. Then

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