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TIG Re: film look vs video look

	On a still frame it is not obvious to know whether it is film
or video, the video is often too sharp and does not have these subtle
nuances in shades or in skin tones etc, but as soon as there is motion
you see immediately the difference. I am sure all of you have had
clients who want their video to look like film, I do not think grain
or dirt is helping at all, anyway film stock have less and less grain
and it does not look like video. A good experience is to make one full
progressive frame out of two fields or repeat every odd field and not
use the even one and see the result... When you put video on film
recorder it looks like film not because it is on film, but because you
are making full progressive frames out of fields. Let's imagine now a
manufacturer building a video camera that would work 25/30 frames/s
full progressive...  any comments ?


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