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RE: Audio & Such

On Saturday, July 06, 1996 16:33, Jim 
Guthrie[SMTP:101544.442 at CompuServe.COM] wrote:
->I'm glad to see the mail from Steve Darsey regarding audio in telecine. 
->interested in how other people do synching of rushes.
->Steve writes
->>>     1) Sell the producer/director on the need for TC slates. Yes it 
may cost
->more up front, but what it saves in transfer is noticeable. Clap-slate = 
->or 3 previews + 1 record per take. TC slate = 2 or 3 previews per reel
->(offset determination).  1 record per take for the rest of the reel. Is 
->time saving obvious? We don't have a hard drive audio system dedicated to 
->Telecine transfer sessions. It would be nice though.<<
->Do you synch up in the telecine area,  with something like a Nagra "T" 
->the camera code,  or do you sync the sound to the tape after telecine 
->Here in the UK,  most productions will only pay costs which allow for one
->non-stop pass through a film roll on a MK III Cintel and synching is done 
->the telecine transfer to minimise telecine time and charges.

Yes we normally sync up after transfer. We do not have any film or keycode 
code capabilities at this time. Most of our clients have not asked for it. 
If we need to really rush the sync ups, we have been known to fire up a 
VRC-2 or an empty bay, if there is one available.
We can provide time code related to film roll via a skotel w/biphase 
driving it. Good only for 16/35 24 or 30 FPS.
All synching is done with the "T" or an A-810 w/Lynx.

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