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Flip-Scan for Turbo 2?

                      Subject:                              Time:  8:52 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Flip-Scan for Turbo 2?                Date:  7/11/96

We have 2 upgraded MK3's, basically similar to Rank's Turbo2 version.  The
Digital Deflection is capable of inverting the scans to get around the
collapsed scan problems (like NEWS-flip for the URSA Gold) however the
Digiscan 4 as every one knows cannot reinvert the signal to get it right side
up.  Using a K-scope for us is a clumsy way to fix this so what I will ask the
group is the following;  Does anyone have an Abekas 400 A they no longer need
and would like to sell? OR is there anything on the market that is a simple
and inexpensive D-1 quality frame buffer with a Vertical Flip feature? OR even
better, has anyone worked out a way to rearrange the output addressing of a
Digi 4 so IT can do Vertical Flip?  If yes for any of the above I'm sure
others in the TIG would like to hear about it.
Dave Corbitt