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Re: steadi 16?

On Jul 10, 21:30, Ralph Edwards wrote:
} Subject: Re: steadi 16?

> Steadi-Film RTS 16MM/S16MM Combo Gate with the Meta-Speed Plus! option.
> It does a great job.

Ralph, I received the following from Options, that serves to confuse
me, because they say they're in development; Nan, is the combo gate a
different product available now?

--- Forwarded mail from OPTIONSPJ at aol.com

Steadi-Film is currently in development to create an RTS 16mm Mod Kit...
which can be used on an existing RTS S16mm gate.  This would allow both S16 &
regular 16 formats to be transferred on the same gate.  Don't have a current
delivery... but anticipate 4th quarter '96.


--- End of forwarded message from OPTIONSPJ at aol.com

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