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From: Asa Shoul at FrameStore
Date: 6/5/96 11:13AM
To: internet:telecine-digest-request at xyzoom.alegria.com at CSERVE
Subject: Cineon

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     Hello again,
                just a quick question on the Cineon "automatic" colour 
     matching system shown at NAB. How does it achieve it's match, is this 
     through master/gamma/lift(primary) matching, if so then how does it 
     decide upon levels, or are we talking secondary matching. or a 
     combination, and what happens from scene to scene or if the camera's 
     stopped up/down or if the sun goes in or if you cut from bcu to long 
     shot, or are we just talking "in studio" filming only?
        Sorry that's about 7 questions.
     Cheers, Ace.

============== End part 2 ============================