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vacation/internet growth

I'll be away from alegria.com starting Monday, July 22nd, and ending
August 3rd.  For most of that time, I won't even be near a telephone.
Anyone needing a classified ad placed or special request handled
should contact me before the 22nd.

The mailinglist should run itself fairly well (knock on wood [UK: touch
wood]); in the past I've put the main list in 'digest mode'
during these vacations, but don't think it's necessary.  The
archiving of messages to the website will be a little behind (I do
that more or less manually) but shouldn't inconvenience anyone.

Two internet concerns: 

One: I filed a nameservice change back at the end of June with
interNIC that they haven't acted on yet, and if they happen to
implement the change between July 22nd and the 27th, there could be a
problem for other hosts finding alegria.com.  But I'm hoping they do
it before I leave... the interNIC has slowed down quite a bit as they
are getting thousands of domain requests every week, which brings us

Two: The internet is in trouble.  I've been reading for months about
impending gridlock and outages, and have been experiencing firsthand a
particularly frustrating route and nameservice problem, between the
U.S. and .fr (France) domains.  Recently the messages here bound for
Europe --Czechoslovakia, France, and Germany in particular-- have been
held for up to week until the routes clear.  I'm hearing now that it
will get worse this year, because the routers at peering centers,
where large Internet Service Providers share information, have to keep
track of approximately 35,000 routes, which are updated constantly via
complex algorithms, and they just can't handle the load.  At current
growth rates, the backbone will be overwhelmed by this fall.
Classless interdomain routing, which puts all internet addresses into
logical blocks, has slowed the exponential growth of routing tables,
but the new Cisco 7500 series routers with 64MB are not coming into
service fast enough, and the CPU in the older 7000 routers goes mad
with current loads.  It's been very hard for me to believe that the
net could collapse, but there are some very wise people saying that it
will.  We've seen individual Internet Service Providers fail because
of their own popularity (they don't expand fast enough, customers
dialing in hear only busy signals)--but of course they are microcosms
of the entire internet.

Anyway, I don't want to start an extended discussion of this, it
affords little relation to telecine, except as it does apply to the
subscribers here who may find their mail service slowing in the near


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