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Re: Questions concerning Aaton reader He


Aaton have since recently a HomePage, at <http://www.alpes-net.fr80/aaton/>

If you want to talk to their US office, Aaton Desautres, Inc. can be reached 
on the Westcoast at tel: (818) 972-9078, they are directly associated with 
Aaton, of Grenoble, France.  Aaton is also represented by Abel Cinetech on 
the Eastcoast at (718) 273-8108. The phone number in Grenoble, France is 

For DigiSync film edgecode reader heads, contact Research in Motion, in 
Waterloo, Ont, Dale Brubacher Cressman at (519) 888-7465, or Film and Video 
Systems Inc. (Nigel Varian) at (818) 842-1631 , or in the UK at Filmlab 
Systems Int. in Buckinghamshire England at 011-44-494-48 5271 or Cinema 
Products Corp. at (310) 836-7991.

With best regards,

Ed H. Zwaneveld
Technical Research and Development
National Film Board of Canada
From: Jbhfilm
To: telecine
Subject: Re: Questions concerning Aaton reader He
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 1996 2:37PM

I have a few questions for Aaton.  Is there an E-mail address I can contact

Thank you

Joe Hathaway  at Unitel

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