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Kodak/film cleaning/Abzol

Just returned home from the Kodak seminar on film handling.  Very
useful information presented in a concise and complete way by George
Gush, Kyle Alvut and colleagues.

Much of the material served as review for many facility people in the
audience, perhaps as an introduction for others.

There was a most interesting summary of available and potential
solvents and machines for cleaning film; Kodak is working with
Albemarle Corp. on 'Abzol', a halogenated hydrocarbon, that shows some
promise.  I'd be very interested if anyone from Kodak or elsewhere can

Aside to George: would be great if Kodak could present this material
on their webpage for those who can't make it to the seminars.  You
already have the text of the presentation, formatting the material
into HTML shouldn't be too difficult.


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