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request for information on telecine equipment suppliers

The film department here at Ithaca College is in the midst of
designing digital post-production facilities.  We are an undergraduate
program with 240 film majors.  Due to the time constraints of
producing films on the undergraduate academic calendar (15 week
semesters), we would like to install telecine facilities here to speed
up the process of getting film up on the non-linear editors. The
capability we are looking for would allow us to do 3:2 pulldown
transfers to S-VHS w/SMPTE timecode with one overall correction
applied to all footage.  We would like to squeeze the picture area so
the full 16mm or super 16 aperature is in the television picture safe
area.  Burn-in windows of time code and keycode must be in title safe
are.  Time code on the tape and window burn-in must match.  Ability to
generate Avid compatible flex file.  Must be able to control first
frame of pull-down sequence to insure that the "A" frame corresponds
to an even hour of timecode, so that the "A" frme falls on either a
"0" or a  "5" frame counton the timecode.

This system will be used only to provide off-line materials, with all
edl's matched back to film.  Any film that goes to video release will
be on-lined from camera original materials.  Therefore, sophisticated
color correction is not required.  Audio materials will most likely be
synced in the editors for the near future, but upgrade path to
interlock telecine would be of interest.

Any assistance as to where to begin or who to contact would be
extremely helpful.

Phillip J. Wacker-Hoeflin             pwacker at oa.ithaca.edu
Post Production Facilities Supervisor                   
Ithaca College, Roy H. Park School of Communications           
Ithaca, NY  14850-7256                Phone: 607-274-1973